Fiji Leader’s ‘Occupy’ Doublespeak

Journalist Anna Lenzer takes the Huffington Post to task over several glaring omissions from an article published on the site last week by Fiji’s self-appointed prime minister, Commodore Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama. The Fijian leader, head of the country’s military junta, announced his government’s support of the “Occupy” movement; the Huffington Post billed the piece as “A Win for the 99 Percent.” What Lenzer points out, however, is that Fiji is a police state ruled by an unelected dictator who has outlawed free speech and press as well as the rights to assemble and associate freely. In fact, Lenzer argues, the HuffPost piece is not so much a victory for the 99 percent as it is for Qorvis Communications, a D.C. PR firm that represents several repressive Arab governments.