Fidel Castro Publishes Memoirs

If you’re gonna smoke, smoke cigars; if you’re gonna stage a coup, make it a revolution. Whatever your feelings on Fidel Castro, you have to hand it to him: he doesn’t half-ass many things, except maybe governing a country. The Cuban leader made a rare public appearance recently to launch a memoir; it is almost 1,000 pages long, and it took him six hours just to present the two-volume book to an audience in Havana. It’s called Guerrilla of Time, and, get this, the 1,000 pages don’t even cover his entire life. Not even close—it talks only about his childhood, his youth, and his early adulthood, up until New Year’s Day 1959, when he came to power at the age of 32. There are 53 years and counting left to tackle. How many more pages will that take?