Feds Focus on Penn State Coverup

The federal investigation into the Jerry Sandusky sex-abuse case has taken a new turn, as prosecutors review the subpoena sent to Penn State exploring the possibility of coverups, bribes, and fraud. Everything requested in the subpoena—payments to third parties, records of complaints, computer hard drives, and correspondence with the Sandusky’s Second Mile charity—point to an investigation that has little to do with the alleged victims, a former assistant U.S. attorney tells CNN. Sandusky’s attorney had no direct knowledge of the new probe, while Second Mile and a lawyer for the late head coach Joe Paterno are cooperating without subpoenas. Meanwhile, a court filing Thursday at the request of Sandusky’s lawyer said crimes involving one of Sandusky’s alleged victims took place in Florida and Texas. Details of the allegations could help them prepare a defense, since prosecutors said the assaults all occurred at Sandusky’s home, at Penn State, and in college hotels.