Feds Digging Into Edwards' Campaign

John Edwards' image, ruined after news broke of his long-running affair, likely will never recover. Now federal investigators are digging through his 2008 campaign records to see if he used funds to cover up his affair with his traveling videographer, Rielle Hunter. Edwards, a talented lawyer himself, walked a legal fine line in his campaign, using generous amounts of money funneled to him from nonprofits with which he had close ties. The nonprofits, with names such as "The Center for Promise and Opportunity" and "Alliance for a New America," were not required to disclose their finances as fully as other donors. The ambiguity in their financial records has aroused suspicion that some of the money may have been used for "personal expenses," i.e. covering up a career-ending affair from the public and his cancer-stricken wife. Edwards, who has been keeping a low profile, denies all wrongdoing.