Federal Judge Blocks Texas Sanctuary-Cities Ban

A federal judge in San Antonio has temporarily halted part of an immigration law meant to crack down on “sanctuary cities” throughout Texas. The law, which was due to take effect Sept. 1, would require law-enforcement officials throughout the state to detain undocumented immigrants at the request of federal officials. Federal District Court Judge Orlando Garcia granted a preliminary injunction of the legislation, however, warning in a 94-page ruling Wednesday that it would “erode public trust and make many communities and neighborhoods less safe.” The injunction came amid concerns that undocumented immigrants suffering the effects of flooding from Tropical Storm Harvey might not seek help from authorities out of fear of deportation. Texas authorities have vowed to appeal Garcia’s ruling, and Gov. Greg Abbott, who signed the legislation in May, claimed “gang members and dangerous criminals” will be “free to prey upon” the state’s communities as a result of the temporary ban.