FDA: Some Romaine Lettuce OK to Consume

The Food and Drug Administration updated its E. Coli advisory Monday, claiming newly-packaged romaine lettuce is safe to consume after it recommended everyone stay away from it earlier this month. The agency said its investigation points to an association with the outbreak and certain regions of California that grew “end of season” romaine. The FDA spoke with “major producers and distributors” and said new romaine entering the market would be labeled with a harvest location and date. If the lettuce does not have that information, or does not indicate the lettuce was “hydroponically or greenhouse grown,” the FDA said the romaine was not safe to eat. The agency also said 22 people in Canada have fallen ill. In total, 43 people in the U.S. across 12 states became ill due to the outbreak—with the last recorded onset date occurring on Oct. 31.