FCC Wants New Prez Emergency Alert

The Federal Communications Commission wants the president to be able to address the nation at a moment’s notice. In the happy event that there is massive terrorist threat that poses a danger to the entire country, our current emergency alert is apparently insufficient. As a result, the FCC is overhauling the Emergency Alert System so that the commander-in-chief can address the entire nation at a flip of a switch. Currently, the emergency system does not allow for emergency alerts at the national level. On Tuesday, the FCC will officially propose a new code that will allow the president to instantly address the county in case of a national emergency. It claims the system update will be "saving human lives, reducing injuries, mitigating property damage, and minimizing the disruption of the national economy." However, it will also cost as much as $13.6 million to update. The public has 30 days to comment on the proposal.