FBI Raids Home of Former Official Over SAT Leak

Federal agents raided the Maryland home of a former employee of the College Board on Friday over a massive leak of SAT questions. Manuel Alfaro, the former executive director of assessment design and development at the board, a non-profit organization responsible for standardized testing, left his job in February 2015 and became an outspoken critic of the organization, claiming new tests were jeopardizing the entire industry. The Federal Bureau of Investigation is now investigating him after SAT information was stolen from company computers, including tests, test forms and internal emails, Reuters reported. Alfaro had raised a fuss in recent months with allegations that the College Board was offering a faulty version of the standardized tests when bidding for state contracts. The SAT, taken by millions of high school students across the country each year, is used by many states as an official tool for assessing students' capabilities. But it is also notorious for cheating, with test-preparation companies selling previously administered questions to students who want an advantage.