FBI Gives Congress Its Notes on Hillary

The FBI on Monday delivered to Congress documents related to its interview of Hillary Clinton about her use of a private email server during her tenure as secretary of State.

The FBI does not typically create transcripts of its interviews, but did release to Congress copies of the notes taken during the interview. The notes are classified, however, meaning that their contents will not be published by Congress. The FBI’s notes are available at a House security office, among other places, for review by members of Congress and cleared staffers, a senior House aide told The Daily Beast.

Republicans have been arguing that evidence collected during the FBI’s investigation conflicts with Clinton’s sworn testimony before Congress, and have suggested that she committed perjury.

Along with the notes, the FBI sent Congress a letter once again justifying why it did not pursue charges against the Democratic presidential nominee.

“The FBI conducted this investigation, as it does all investigations, in a competent, honest and independent way,” wrote Jason Herring, the FBI’s liaison with Congress, in the letter.

A House Intelligence Committee spokesman added that the FBI also delivered materials to Congress that were in response to other previous committee requests for information from the bureau.

Tim Mak