‘Fast and the Furious’ Director Rob Cohen’s Daughter Accuses Him of Sexual Assault

The Fast and the Furious director Rob Cohen was accused of sexual assault by his own daughter, 32-year-old Valkyrie Weather, in a public Facebook post late Thursday night. Weather, who is transgender and was born Kyle Cohen, alleges that her father molested her when she was 2 years old, took her to visit prostitutes in Asia and Eastern Europe when she was 13, and even bragged to her about sexual assaulting another woman while unconscious.

“When I was very young, Rob used my body for his own sexual gratification. My mother witnessed one of the assaults when I was between two and two and a half years old, and has since confirmed what she saw,” Weather wrote, adding that she decided to tell her story after the rise of the #metoo movement. “My greatest hope is that others who have been hurt by Rob Cohen feel that they are able to come forward as well.”

Cohen denied the allegation on Friday, saying it was “extremely painful” that one of his own children “has accused me of the most awful thing imaginable.” “Knowing that it is categorically untrue is painful enough,” he wrote in the statement. “Having to write this and saying that my kid is not telling the truth is heart wrenching.”