Stylin’ 16

Fashion Bracket

What if the sweet 16 were a fashion contest, with only the most stylish teams advancing? The Chicago Tribune’s fashion experts break down such a bracket, shedding definitive light on some of the round’s toughest games. One game sure to be a battle—the matchup between Syracuse and Oklahoma—looks like a fashion blowout according to the experts: “In their home whites, the Orange's hip, fresh and youthful design blows past the Sooners' soporific look, straight off the shelf from the local sporting goods store.” The results of another close game, however, may be more accurately reflected in its fashion outcome. “Villanova's noble look is valiant—Prince Valiant. It can't match up against the Blue Devils' assertive but retro jersey that demonstrates an intimidating self-assurance.” And the biggest surprise? Purdue over UCONN: the “Boilermakers' stealth bomber look is elegant—and intimidating. Silently drops the big one on Huskies.”