U.K. Chaos

Far Right Group: We Will Stop Rioters

This does not sound like it’s going to lead anywhere good. The leader of Britain’s far-right group, the English Defence League, said Tuesday night that up to 1,000 of its members plan on taking to the streets in Luton and other areas of unrest to stop the riots. “We’re going to stop the riots—police obviously can’t handle it,” Stephen Lennon told the AP. Lennon said some members were already carrying out patrols to deter rioters, and hundreds more would join them Wednesday night. The English Defence League was recently in the news for inspiring the politics of Anders Behring Beivik, the Norwegian extremist who killed 76 in a rampage. Meanwhile, it's unclear whether these items are stolen, but as looting has taken over London, large quantities of unopened merchandise are showing up on Craigslist.