Up In Arms

Fans Protest Jacko Movie Premiere

This Is It may be Michael Jackson’s final performance, but if a vocal set of his fans get their way, it won’t be the final word on his legacy. Culled from 100 hours of rehearsal footage for Jackson's comeback tour, the posthumous movie premiered Tuesday night in 18 cities. But concerned fans took the opportunity to protest what they see as Jackson's exploitation by concert promoter AEG Live. The This Is Not It campaign accuses the company of putting too much pressure on Jackson to perform. The "king of pop" died June 25, just two weeks before his scheduled opening performance. Jackson's siblings were in attendance at the Los Angeles premiere, after which the movie will be released for a limited two-week run in 110 countries. Close friend Elizabeth Taylor, who was granted a special preview of the movie, sent her review out via Twitter: "The single most brilliant piece of filmmaking I have ever seen."