Sister Act

Fake Nun Solicits for Rapist-Run Church

This one has a lot to atone for: The New York Post has defrocked Mindy LeGrand, aka "Sister Milindia," a 54-year-old who accosts Manhattanites under the guise of collecting donations for the homeless or for orphans. In reality, LeGrand is linked to a Crown Heights, Brooklyn-based "church" founded in the ‘70s by a convicted rapist/murderer, which is currently run by the founder’s son, a convicted rapist himself. "Please give money for the children of St. Joseph's," she told a reporter who was sitting outside an Italian restaurant in downtown New York. "Sister Milindia" is a stranger to the Episcopal Church, and has been caught in the past for impersonating a nun. The Post chronicles (with photos!) a typical day for LeGrand: some peddling, a lunch stop, and then kicking her habit for a pair of short-shorts and a tank.