Facials, Flat-Screens for Furry Friends

Furry guests will be treated to facials, satin blankets, 18-inch flat-screen TVs, and nightly turn-down service at Fort Worth’s new $4.4 million hotel for dogs and cats. The luxury Spa Paws Hotel was created by Janice Ford Grimes, whose cats drink Evian. Similarly coddled pets can enjoy Eastern medicine in the hotel’s wellness center, and marriage ceremonies and birthday parties at its event hall. But the Texas hotel is far from unique—there’s a luxury pet-services “arms race” across the country. Even in her hometown, Ford Grimes has competition in the Grand Pet Resort and Spa, which is finally profitable after two years of struggle, not to mention a problem with dogs attacking TV screens because the squirrel and bird DVDs were too realistic. A night at the Spa Paws Hotel runs between $65 and $200 a night. “Love” is included.