Facebook’s Privacy Changes Expose Founder

Facebook made changes to its privacy settings this week, and privacy groups aren’t writing compliments on founder Mark Zuckerberg’s wall. The changes let users apply specific privacy settings to the content they post, but if users don't follow prompts to update their settings, most of their information ends up being shared with the Internet at large. Privacy groups said Facebook was pushing users to share more information about themselves, while Facebook says it's not trying to trick anyone. According to Facebook's vice president of public policy, "as a result of providing more control, there will be more sharing." That's certainly true for at least one person: Zuckerberg himself, who used to have one public photo but now offers a cache of 290 shots of himself, as Gawker put it, "shirtless , romantic, clutching a teddy bear, and looking plastered." It's unclear whether Zuckerberg is trying to mitigate the PR debacle by putting tagged pictures where his mouth is, or whether the new default system fooled him too.