Facebook Suspends Alex Jones’ Profile, Removes Four Videos

Facebook has taken down the personal profile of InfoWars founder Alex Jones and removed four of his videos from the website, CNN reports. Jones can no longer post from his account, and cannot post on his affiliate Facebook pages using his account. “We received reports related to four different videos on the Pages that Infowars and Alex Jones maintain on Facebook,” a spokesperson for the social platform said. “We reviewed the content against our Community Standards and determined that it violates.” The spokesperson said the unidentified videos went against Facebook’s guidelines that “prohibit content that encourages physical harm [bullying], or attacks someone based on their religious affiliation or gender identity [hate speech].” Alex Jones’ profile, his public page, and the InfoWars page remain online despite the spokesperson saying they were “close” to crossing a certain threshold of violations that would warrant the site to shut them down. When asked for comment, Jones accused CNN of a “campaign against competing news organizations and the First Amendment,” and called for them to “cease and desist.”