Facebook Content Moderators in India Paid $6 a Day: Reuters

Facebook’s contracted content moderators in India say they are only paid about $1,404 a year—slightly more than $6 a day—for the traumatic, stressful work of keeping violent and offensive content off the social-networking platform. “I have seen women employees breaking down on the floor, reliving the trauma of watching suicides real-time,” one former Genpact employee said, noting that he had witnessed this on three separate occasions. The Reuters report echoes a recent article from the Verge, which detailed similar experiences at a Facebook contractor in Arizona. And while Facebook acknowledges that there’s work to be done to safeguard their employees’ mental health, they disputed the allegation that $6/ day is too low a salary, arguing that employee benefits make the pay much higher and that Genpact is required to pay more than the industry average.