Facebook Bus Drivers Try to Unionize

An hourly wage of $20 doesn't seem to go very far in the Bay Area, so the bus drivers who transport the engineers and product designers working at Facebook are now looking to the Teamsters and union officials in Northern California for help unionizing. The pressing issue for the drivers is apparently a split-shift schedule based off when the employees go to and from work. The first shift often starts around 6 a.m. going until 11 a.m. and then the second has them working again from 5 p.m. to 9:45 p.m. “It is reminiscent of a time when noblemen were driven around in their coaches by their servants. Frankly, little has changed; except the noblemen are your employees, and the servants are the bus drivers who carry them back and forth each day,” said Teamsters official, Rome Aloise, in a letter.