Face Transplant Donor Identity Revealed

The donor of the nation’s second ever face transplant has been identified—and it’s movie market researcher Joseph Helfgot, 60, who died in Boston of a stroke last week during heart transplant surgery. “In a Hollywood-style ending to a colorful life,” The Wrap reports, Helfgot, founder and president of MarketCast, donated his face, liver, and even the transplanted heart he received. “To the end, he was a trailblazer, leaving a legacy that we are proud to say included the ultimate gift, namely, a new face, a retransplanted heart and liver, allowing three individuals to survive, a final testament to Joseph’s legacy as the son of Auschwitz survivors,” his family said in a statement. Doctors at Brigham and Women’s Hospital are “cautiously optimistic” for the face transplant recipient’s recover, The Wrap reports.