Stamp of Approval

Experts Authenticate Van Gogh Painting

It’s been 15 years since a new Van Gogh painting has been discovered, but the wait is over as experts authenticated an 1886 work of the famed artist on February 24. The late art curator Dirk Hannema long maintained to be in possession of several works from the lauded post-impressionist and his claim was finally supported when experts confirmed his “Le Blute-Fin Mill” was indeed a Van Gogh original. The 1886 work of art will be put on display at the Museum de Fundatie in Zwolle, Holland. “The painting is a little atypical for Van Gogh because of the many people appearing on it,” said the museum’s director Ralph Keuning. “But [it is] also very typical because of the prominent role for the mill.” Hannema founded the Fundatie museum, but had displayed the recently verified work in his home for years until his death in 1984. There is still no proof Hannema’s other works are Van Goghs as well—but one is nothing to scoff at.