Ex-Wife of ‘Rockefeller’ Fraud Speaks

Sandra Boss might have brought home $1 million a year as a high-powered consultant, but her husband, who posed as a member of the moneyed Rockefeller clan, controlled her bank account and life. Her husband “Clark Rockefeller,” whose real name is Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter, is accused of kidnapping their daughter in 2008. "You mistakenly confuse money and power. Money and power are not the same thing in a relationship," she said on the stand on Tuesday about why her husband was able to control family finances while she was the sole breadwinner. Boss attended Stanford and Harvard, and said she never doubted her husband’s phony story about piles of wealth and a storied family heritage. "There's a big difference between intellectual intelligence and emotional intelligence," Boss said. "I'm not saying I made a very good choice of a husband. It's obvious I had a pretty big blind spot."