Ex-Trump Staffers Register as Lobbyists, Despite ‘Ban’

President Trump said last year that he would ban people who worked on his 2016 transition team from lobbying for at least six months afterward, as part of his effort to “drain the swamp” in the Capitol. But in just half that time—three months after the 45th commander-in-chief moved into the White House—nine people who were employed on his team have registered as lobbyists. Many of them are registered to lobby the very same agencies—or on the same issues—they worked on during Trump’s transition period, Politico reports. “This is more evidence of the ethical vacuum in the Trump White House,” said Robert Weissman, president of the nonprofit government ethics watchdog Public Citizen. “These revolving-door-esque actions mock everything candidate Trump said about draining the swamp and ending corporate corruption and inside dealing in Washington, D.C.”