Ex-Obama Adviser Turns on Him

Steve Hildebrand, a top official in Barack Obama's presidential campaign, is urging the president to be bolder in his leadership and says that as one of "millions of frustrated Americans," he's "losing patience" with the administration for moving too slowly on issues such as health care and gay rights. Hildebrand, who is gay, first spoke out in a speech last month to the Queer San Diego Democratic Club. He added that the Republicans have no power "unless moderates and Blue Dogs give it to them," and that he wants Obama to succeed because Americans will punish Democrats if they fail to get things done as promised. Hildebrand is the most senior member of Obama's political team to have expressed such doubts. He served as deputy campaign manager in '08 and has been credited with Obama's win in the Iowa caucuses. Late in the campaign, Hildebrand became alienated from other Obama campaign staffers, who saw his comments to the press as too candid.