Ex-NBA Player Suspected In Murder

Former NBA player Javaris Crittenton is wanted by Atlanta police for allegedly shooting a 23-year-old woman to death, police said Friday. Crittenton faces a homicide charge in the death of Jullian Jones, a mother of four, who was shot and killed in Atlanta on Monday night. Two men walking with Jones fled after her shooting, and police say they believe that one of those men was the target of the shooting, possibly in retaliation for a robbery in April. Police said they believe Crittenton is in the Los Angeles area. Crittenton was first-round draft pick for the Lakers in 2007, and was later traded in his rookie year to the Memphis Grizzlies. While playing for the Washington Wizards, Crittenton was involved in a locker-room incident with teammate Gilbert Arenas when the two pulled guns on each other.