Ex-Editor Explains Why Fox News Chose Not to Run Stormy Daniels Story

Former Fox News digital chief Ken LaCorte this week addressed the reports that Fox sat on a pre-election story confirming porn actress Stormy Daniels’ sexual relationship and settlement with Donald Trump. According to LaCorte, the story wasn’t “shelved” but didn’t run because he felt it did not have enough corroboration. “Our story centered around a two word ‘confirmation’ from the porn star’s manager. We had no details or backup,” he claimed in a post on his eponymous news website. “Everyone who ‘knew’ about the story was quoting Stormy Daniels, and she wasn’t talking,” he added. “She had earlier taken legal action to squash [the Fox story], making her secondhand statements even more questionable.” LaCorte concluded: “In the end, it was an easy decision, and no legitimate news organization would have published what we had. It’s coming to light that other outlets came to the same conclusion.”