Speaking Out

'Emancipated' Lou Dobbs Attacks CNN

Looks like there’s no love lost between Lou Dobbs and CNN. Dobbs gave his first post-CNN interview on Monday night to Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly, where the cantankerous newsman described himself as “recently emancipated” and toyed with the idea of running for office in New Jersey. O’Reilly lobbed the biggest bombs during the segment, and Dobbs gamely agreed to characterizations of being “demonized by the left.” CNN dropped him, he says, because he didn’t fit in with the Obama era: “I discern more of a difference between then, which was under the Bush administration whom I was criticizing, and now, when it is the Obama administration and an entirely different tone was taken,” Dobbs said. The pair ended the segment with a promise to keep Dobbs around as a “semi-regular guest” on O’Reilly’s show.