Sweet Revenge

Ellen Barkin's Cougar Comeback

Could Ellen Barkin be the new Carrie Bradshaw? The actress seems primed for the ultimate comeback: she’s set to executive-produce and star in a pilot for HBO based on her post-divorce dalliances as a so-called cougar. And Page Six suspects the target of the show will be her billionaire ex Rob Perelman. Barkin, 54, has $60 million from their 2006 split. “You have this character in her early 50s whose life explodes suddenly," writer Shauna Cross told Variety. "Her nerve and life experience allows her to tell the world to go screw itself, and they love her for it." Added a source: "There's so much source material to work with… The first week, Ellen could be out on the sidewalk in her socks screaming as the movers are loading up her things. In the second week, she could soak Ron with water."