Elizabeth Warren Backs Scott Brown for VA Secretary

Elizabeth Warren on Thursday offered an endorsement of her one-time senate opponent Scott Brown for the position of secretary of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. According to multiple reports, Brown—whom Warren unseated in Massachusetts’ 2012 Senate race—is being considered for the position, alongside former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. In an interview with Boston radio station WGBH, the outspoken liberal senator said, “If Scott Brown is the nominee for Veterans Affairs, I have no doubt that he would put his heart and soul into trying to help veterans.” She added: “And I would put my heart and soul into trying to help him do that. You bet I’d support that.” Brown later thanked Warren for her praise, tweeting, “My thanks to @SenWarren for her kind words. If nom. for SecVA, I will welcome her support, passion and help to serve our Vets. #truce.”