El Chapo’s Wife: ‘I Have Nothing to Be Ashamed Of’

Emma Coronel Aispuro, wife of alleged drug cartel kingpin El Chapo, said Thursday that she has “nothing to be ashamed of” after her husband faced allegations of torturing and murdering his victims during his months-long trial in Brooklyn. “Today I finish those long days in court where there was everything. Good days and bad days where also my name was mentioned several times and exposed in doubt,” Coronel wrote on Instagram in Spanish, according to a Friday report from the New York Daily News. “I can only say that I have nothing to be ashamed of. I am not perfect, but I consider myself a good human being who has never hurt anyone intentionally.”

Her husband, Joaquin Guzmán Loera, has been on trial since mid-November, and has pleaded not guilty to a 10-count indictment with charges including drug trafficking and conspiracy to murder. Arguments in the case ended Thursday, and the jury is expected to begin deliberating Monday. “Everything that was discussed in the trial about Joaquín, good and bad, does not change in any way the way I think about him,” Coronel added. “I cannot sell another version of Joaquín, and although we have not had contact for a long time, my husband knows how much I love him and he always counted, counts and will count on me.”