Egypt's Ex-Security Chief Stands Trial

As satisfying as it might be for Egyptians to see their once feared interior minister, Habib el-Adly, standing trial for corruption, protesters stormed the headquarters of the state police, the organization el-Adly used to run. Protesters also took over or marched against other security compounds around the country, burning down one in Alexandria. In the Cairo headquarters, protesters say they found files on political dissenters, phone taps, and government officials, though many documents were already shredded or were being loaded into trucks when they arrived. They also found evidence of torture, including electric shock devices. The disbanding of the security force is one of the public's central demands, but el-Adly's replacement, Gen. Mansour el-Essawy, is quoted in the state news as saying his priority is to reinforce security, which has been lax since the police forces dispersed on January 28.