Ebola Strikes U.S. Doctor in Liberia

An American doctor stationed in Africa has been diagnosed with the Ebola virus, one of the deadliest and most contagious illnesses in the world. Dr. Kent Brantley, 33, of North Carolina tested positive for the virus while caring for patients during the deadliest Ebola outbreak to date. He has been working in Liberia since October 2013 for a charity, Samaritan's Purse. Brantley reportedly started experiencing symptoms he recognized as the Ebola virus last week, and he began isolating himself. Tests confirmed the Ebola diagnosis on Saturday. Brantley was aware of Ebola's risks to medical professionals. He was quoted last week on Samaritan's Purse's website saying "In past Ebola outbreaks, many of the casualties have been healthcare workers who contracted the disease through their work caring for infected individuals." So far 672 people in West Africa have fallen to the Ebola virus during this most recent outbreak.