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Eat, Pray, Write a Sequel

Three years after the release of her memoir Eat, Pray, Love, which is still on the New York Times bestseller list (its 104th week), Elizabeth Gilbert keeps a low profile. “Let's be clear here: I'm not Jessica Simpson,” she told John Marshall at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. “If you're gonna have to be famous, it's good to be a famous writer since there is a certainly level of invisibility. I've only been on TV twice, so I am rarely recognized in public. I live in a small town, I see a few folks, I don't get out a lot.” And despite great success, Gilbert still has concerns. She embarrassed herself in front of Oprah, and “Mr. Brazil,” now her husband, is having immigration problems (that’s the subject of her next book). And she knows how hard it is to hit two home runs. “I think it is exceedingly unlikely I will ever have such a freakish success again, but that sure doesn't mean I do not want to do work that I love,” she said.