Eagles Fan Stole Singer’s Prosthetic Leg

Police are trying to track down a Philadelphia Eagles fan who allegedly stole a prosthetic leg from a popular singer who performs outside the team stadium. Sonny Foreist Jr. said an “inebriated” young woman in an Eagles jersey jumped into his lap as he sat in his motorized wheelchair and broke his microphone. She offered to pay for it, but he told her just to leave. When he looked, he saw his prosthetic leg, which he had taken off to be more comfortable, was missing. The leg is valued at $2,000. It is unclear what exactly the woman did with the prosthetic leg, but subway workers workers found it on a train at 12:30 a.m. Philadelphia sports fans have along history of bad behavior. In 2010, a Philadelphia Phillies fan intentionally threw up on an 11-year-old girl.