Duggars Put Locks on Girls’ Doors

The Duggar family stopped letting kids be alone and put locks on their bedroom doors after finding out that their eldest son molested his sisters. Two of the Duggar girls reveal this and more in an interview set to air Friday night on Fox News. “My parents said OK, we’re not going to do this hide-and-seek thing where two people go off and hide together,” said Jill Dillard, one of the sisters molested by Josh Duggar, when asked about safety precautions. “Locks on the doors. You know, everybody’s in bed. Girls in the girls’ room. Boys in the boys’ room.” Another of the sisters, Jessa Seewald, defended Josh’s work for an organization peddling anti-gay lies after he molested girls. “It’s right to say ‘Here’s what I believe, here’s my values,’ even if you’ve made stupid mistakes or failures,” Seewald said. “If you’ve had failures in your past, it doesn’t mean you can’t be changed. I think that’s where, I think the real issue is people are making this sound like it happened yesterday.”