Seen This?

Dubya Gets Wistful

The New York Times reports this morning that President Bush is trying on a new emotion: wistfulness. In Peru for the Asia-Pacific EconomicCooperation forum—his last scheduled international trip—Bush said in aspeech: "I remember the flag flying from every fire truck inMontreal, Canada. I remember children kneeling in silent prayeroutside our embassy in Seoul. I remember baseball players in Japanobserving moments of silence…The bonds of unity we felt then remaintoday, and they will always remain." Bush was similarly verklempt whentold Chinese leader Hu Jintao that he was feeling "a littlenostalgic." (Hu's response was not recorded.) Still, the paper notes,Bush has some good crying left to do if he wants to match the mostwistful of farewell tours: Bill Clinton's global trot in 2000.