Drudge Uses N-Word in Headline

The Drudge Report’s morning headline set off a furious reaction on Twitter. The headline repeated the N word seven times and linked to a Hollywood Reporter review of Tarantino’s new movie, Django Unchained. But the Todd McCarthy review uses the N word only once, in the ninth paragraph, and it is not spelled out. The review also states, “The N-word gets a heavy workout.” Needless to say, the Drudge headline created an angry response. One person tweeted, “It’s likely that Drudge did it because he’s been dying to scream it himself.” Another tweet said, “Drudge Uses Tarantino Film Review to Blast Out A Series of N-Bombs. Just say it, Matt. just freaking say it.” But some were unsurprised by the headline. One tweet read, “Drudge’s current headline is a distillation of his entire election year coverage.”