Dow Hits 7-Week Low

If Thursday's stock market is any indication, the U.S.'s economic recovery doesn't look so good: The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell below the 10000 mark for the fifth time this year, finishing down 74.25 points. Volumes remained weak, too, with just over 3.8 billion shares trading on the New York Stock Exchange, down from this year's 5.1 billion-shares average. "Everything's been driven by worsening economic news," Dorsey Farr, a partner at the investment advisory firm French Wolf Farr, told The Wall Street Journal. "There are renewed concerns over a double dip, and that's taken hope out of the equity markets." Cisco Systems, which fell 2.4 percent, led the Dow Industrials' drop. Other declines came from Intel, IBM, and Walmart. The only gainers among the Dow's 30 components were Boeing and Home Depot.