Double-Amputee Vet Shoots Emergency Room Doctor in Florida VA Hospital

FBI officials in Florida say an emergency-room doctor was shot in the neck while trying to subdue a man described as a double-amputee veteran in a wheelchair at a Veterans Administration Medical Center on Wednesday evening. Two other hospital staff are reported to have been grazed by bullets fired by the man, who was identified by the FBI as Larry Bon, 59, from Michigan, who served in the U.S. Army for a month in the 1970s. Officials said his double amputation was not believed to be related to his combat duties. He had arrived at the Riviera Beach center at 8:30 a.m. and was described as “combative” all day while he waited treatment, according to local press reports. Police say that while staff members evaluated his mental state, he pulled out a handgun and started shooting. The medical center was on lockdown for two hours after the incident. Bon was taken into custody and the injured doctor was taken to a nearby hospital for surgery and is expected to recover. Florida FBI Special Agent Justin Fleck described the injured doctor as heroic. “The same doctor who sustained the neck injury was the same person who subdued the subject,” he told local reporters at the scene. “He’s doing well and he did a heroic thing today.”