$4.8M Gold Heist May Be Inside Job

Thieves made off with 275 pounds of gold bars valued at $4.8 million on Sunday when they robbed a truck in North Carolina—but police now suspect that it may have been an inside job. The truck’s crew claims they pulled over on a highway in North Carolina because one of them felt sick. As soon as they parked on the shoulder, three thieves allegedly came up in a cargo van and pointed guns at the guards, shouting “Policia!” The robbers tied the truck drivers’ hands behind their backs and made off with the gold, according to the guards’ story, but police said the “fact that the truck was robbed immediately upon pulling over on an unannounced stop is suspicious in and of itself.” Police are also puzzled by why the guards left the truck without their guns, a company security violation, and the fact that only a padlock stood between the gold and the thieves.