Dog Leads Cops to Burning House

What's that, buddy? There's a fire at your owner's workshop? Alaska State Troopers will honor a German shepherd named Buddy Friday for helping lead an officer to a fire earlier this month, the Anchorage Daily News reports. While owner Ben Heinrichs was working on a car near his family's home, a stray spark ignited gasoline, burning him on his face and hands and starting a fire in the workshop. Heinrichs said that after smothering his flaming body, he let Buddy out of the shop, and told him "We need to get help." He added, "That's the last time I seen him. I didn't train him or nothing. He just took off." Video shows that the dog ran out to the road, where he met an officer who was responding to the call, but whose GPS wasn't working properly. After looking at the car, Buddy broke into a run, leading the officer down a side road and to the fire. Although the workshop was destroyed, Heinrichs credits Buddy's swift action with preventing the fire from spreading to the family house.