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Does Gibson Hate Sawyer?

Publicly, Charlie Gibson has "tremendous respect and fondness" for Diane Sawyer, slated to replace him as anchor of ABC News, but privately, he can barely stand her, according to ABC insiders. An unnamed source said that'd he'd always given Sawyer "the stink eye" and that he "bad-mouths her openly and often." Another source claimed that Gibson, 66, pushed the ABC News president to replace him with George Stephanopoulos, who is currently the host of Sunday morning's This Week and is considered to be the favorite to replace Sawyer on Good Morning America. Gibson was reportedly "shocked" when Sawyer got the job and "angry that she stole his thunder" because "as soon as she was named it was all about Diane." An ABC spokeswoman called the rumors "bull[bleep]," explaining that the two "get along just fine. They went to Walter Cronkite's funeral together. They had lunch last month."