Curtain Calls

Dodd’s Tough Last Year

On Christmas Eve, Sen. Chris Dodd, Democrat of Connecticut, visited the grave of his old friend Edward Kennedy, a little more than a week before announcing his decision to retire from office and avoid seeking a sixth term. It is here that Dodd came to grips with the decision. The last year was a devastating one for Dodd, who was plagued by political troubles—he faced ethics questions for a real estate deal and his ties to Wall Street—and personal ones, like the death of his friend Kennedy and his own battle with prostate cancer. Friends were shocked at the turn of events. Dodd's decision to retire, along with that of two other leading Democratic officials, has put a squeeze on President Barack Obama's agenda, according to The New York Times. The Washington Post suggests the Dems are in danger of losing their filibuster-proof majority in the Senate the 2010 midterms.