Documents Detail Jackson's Addictions

Helping to shed light on the dark, drug-filled past of the late King of Pop are confidential documents, including police interviews with a number of doctors and employees, that date from 2004, when Michael Jackson was being investigated for alleged molestation. In an interview with police, Christopher Carter, Jackson’s former bodyguard, named five doctors who prescribed drugs for Jackson, and the Los Angeles Times is reporting that five doctors who prescribed medicine to Jackson are being investigated, though it is not known if they are the same doctors. Carter revealed that he got Xanax prescriptions for Jackson under various false names and that Jackson was “taking 10+ Xanax pills a night,” down from the 30 to 40 pills reported by another Jackson employee. A toxicology report from 2004 revealed that Jackson had meperidine (Demerol), normeperidine, promethazine (an antihistamine) and cocaine in his system. His postmortem toxicology reports have not yet been completed.