Doctor in Neda Video Speaks

Although he may have put himself in jeopardy by doing so, the Iranian doctor who tried to save Neda's life has come out to address her final moments. Dr. Arash Hejazi, who is studying at a university in England, revealed his identity as one of the men depicted in the viral video of Neda's death. He noted that Neda died in less than a minute, and his attempt to stop bleeding from the wound in her chest was unsuccessful. Hejazi says that he did not sleep for three nights after the incident. He also mentioned that the Basij member who supposedly shot Neda was quickly grabbed from his motorcycle by protesters, who took his ID card. As he was accosted by protesters, the Basij shouted that he did not want to kill her. Hejazi said that he believes his statements will prevent him from returning to Iran, but that he didn't want Neda's "blood to have been shed in vain."