Cover Up

Doctor Hid Suicide of Pro Golfer

Dr. Thomas Hess, the man who found the body of 25-year-old professional golfer Erica Blasberg, confessed that after he called 911, he hid a suicide note and Xanax pills in order to spare her family embarrassment, according to a court document released Wednesday. "I know doing that was—was stupid, but I was trying to save some embarrassment for her," Hess told investigators, according to a Henderson, Nevada police affidavit. Asked why he hid the items, Hess said, "I have no idea. I mean that—that whole thing was a—was a fuzz for me." Hess, 43, spent time with Blasberg in the days leading up to her reported suicide—playing golf, watching TV, and talking to her over the phone—before driving to her home on May 9 and finding her dead. Meanwhile, Blasberg's father, Mel Blasberg, told ESPN's Outside the Lines that he believes Hess and his daughter were involved in an "intimate" relationship. Hess was arrested Tuesday on charges of misdemeanor obstruction of justice, and quickly released after posting his $637 bail. The charge carries a maximum fine of $1,000 and six months in jail. Authorities have not said whether Blasberg was being treated by Hess.