DNC Raised Record $11.5 Million in Oct.

You wouldn't think it, but Sarah Palin might be the Democrats' best friend. The former vice-presidential nominee could be a huge boon to the Democratic National Committee, which just raised a (post-campaign finance reform, non-presidential election year) record $11.5 million for the month of October, placing their funds at $12.9 million on hand with $4.4 million in debts (the RNC has $11.2 million on hand after raising $8.7 million in October). The committee's looking to use the polarizing figure of Palin more in November: Mitch Stewart, director of Organizing for America—a DNC project spun off from Obama's campaign organization—mentioned the ex-Alaska governor specifically in a fundraising email sent out on Friday. All told, the DNC has raised $66.3 million this year, while the RNC has raised $69.2 million.