Special Relationship

DNC: Obama Loves Israel

The Democratic National Committee is prepared to be attacked by Republicans on President Obama’s Middle East policy at the upcoming AIPAC meeting, so they’re ready to defend. The DNC has released a video to members of the media and specifically Jewish press and activists that shows Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu saying, “President Obama spoke about his ironclad commitment to Israel’s security. He rightly said that our security cooperation is unprecedented, and he has backed those words with deeds.” The video aims to quell concerns over Obama’s approach to Iran and his commitment to Israel. “The bond between the U.S. and Israel—it’s always been beyond politics. But now Washington Republicans are breaking that tradition,” the voice-over says. “Launching negative ads that the Associated Press says ‘ignore reality.’ The facts? Under President Obama U.S. funding for Israel is at an all-time high. Billions for Israel’s security.” President Obama will speak to AIPAC on Sunday and meet with Netanyahu at the White House on Monday.