DNA Confirms 'East Coast Rapist'

DNA evidence has linked the case of the "East Coast Rapist" to Aaron Thomas, 39, who is now connected to sexual assaults of 12 women in four states over the past 12 years, an investigation source told CNN Saturday. Thomas' DNA was found on a cigarette butt around the same time that someone tipped off Virginia police, where several attacks linked to the East Coast Rapist occurred. The perpetrator was already in court for old larceny charges in New Haven, Connecticut, on Thursday, and the city's police lieutenant confirmed Saturday that he is being charged with sexual assault, burglary, and risk of injury to a minor. The investigation took off at the beginning of the week when local law enforcement agencies, the FBI, and the Department of Justice launched a joint website under the domain to track down the "brazen, cold-blooded rapist." Thomas is being held on $1 million bail.