DiMaggio Family Requests DNA Test

The family of James Lee DiMaggio, who was shot to death last week after allegedly kidnapping Hannah Anderson and is accused of killing her mother and brother, has demanded a DNA test—claiming that DiMaggio could be the father of the kids. A spokesman for the DiMaggio family said it raised red flags with them when they found out that DiMaggio had Bernice Anderson, Hannah and her brother Ethan’s grandmother, as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy for an estimated $110,000. DiMaggio had been a close family friend—the kids called him “Uncle Jim”—and some have raised concerns that 16-year-old Hannah had been seen with him prior to her mother’s and brother’s deaths. San Diego police have said that DiMaggio allegedly tortured and killed Christian Anderson, Hannah’s mother, and Ethan, 8, before their bodies were left in a burning house.